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Research interests

  • Social science genetics
  • Metascience
  • Behavioral, labor, and health economics
  • Neuroscience 
Work in progress
  • "Early childhood trauma negatively affects real-life outcomes via detrimental effects on neurodevelopment: Large-scale evidence from the UK Biobank", G. Aydogan, R. Karlsson Linnér, P. Koellinger, G. Nave, B. Kleim, C.C. Ruff
  • "The genetic architecture of income", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.
  • “Predictive algorithms for breast cancer”, with Y. Ning
  • “Improved polygenic prediction of Alzheimer’s disease”, with Zijie Zhao
  • "GWAS of physical activity", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.
  • "Brain-wide annotation of polygenic scores for behavioral traits", N. Abbasi, A. Okbay, D. Bzdok, A. Dagher, G. Nave, P.D. Koellinger 
  • "Polygenic prediction in the German Socio-Economic Panel", H. Kweon, L. Reiber, D. Richter, R. Karlsson Linnér, A. Okbay, R. Arslan, R. Mata, P. Biroli, D. Belsky, E. Tucker-Drob, K.P. Harden, G. Wagner, R. Hertwig, P.D. Koellinger. 


Participation in third-party funded research projects

  • "Genome-wide association studies, polygenic scores and social science genetics: overview and policy implications", 2019, Report for the European Commission Joint Research Centre, Publications Office of the EU, doi:10.2760/948992
  • Innovation and coordination - Volkswagen Stiftung, external collaborator, 2006 - 2010
  • E-business market watch, European Commission, 2002-2006, Project Manager at DIW Berlin 2005-2006
  • Global entrepreneurship monitor, work for the US team (2003, 2004), work for the Global Report (2005), member of the Dutch team (since 2006)
  • Die volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Netzwerken - Analyse und ordnungspolitischer Handlungsbedarf, German Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2005-2006