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Research interests

  • Social science genomics
  • Complex trait genetics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Neuroeconomics
Work in progress

  • “Social science genetics”, review commissioned by Nature Human Behavior.
  • "Brain anatomy and cognitive performance -- new evidence from a large-scale population cohort", G. Nave, W.H. Jung, J. Kable, P. Koellinger.
  • "The intergenerational transfer of educational attainment and income", C. Burik, T. DiPrete, P. Koellinger
  • "The genetic architecture of income", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.
  • "Misreporting of eating behaviors is heritable, genetically complex, and linked to health outcomes", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.
  • "Multivariate analyses of GWAS summary statistics identifies novel loci associated with bipolar disorder", T. Mallard, R. Game, M. Keller, P. Harden, P. Koellinger.
  • "The molecular genetic architecture of externalizing", with R. Karlsson Linner, F. Meddens, R. de Vlaming, M. Nivard, P. Harden, D. Dick.
  • "Genetic underpinnings of a general factor for risk tolerance", with R. Frey and R. Karlsson Linner.
  • "Quality of entrepreneurship in a Solow-style growth model", C. Roessler, P. Koellinger.
  • "Firm formation during economic development", C. Roessler, P. Koellinger.


Participation in third-party funded research projects